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Banca Intesa Belgrade

Banca Intesa Belgrade is a member of Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy’s largest bank group. This group has more than 18 million clients worldwide and a network of 7000 branches in 34 countries. The team of Banca Intesa Belgrade has more than 2900 employees. Through a business network of 157 branches, in around 100 cities in Serbia, Banca Intesa Belgrade is helping companies and entrepreneurs in their development projects, as well as helping citizens protect and maximize their savings and achieve their goals. It has a leading position in the Serbian market when it comes to the overall assets, deposits and placement, as well as the overall level of capital.

Banca Intesa Belgrade was met with a complicated project which implied defining the process of managing business processes using the ARIS methodology. The goal of the project was mapping the key and support processes (establishing a transparent repository), analyzing the defined process segment, as well as mapping the elements of the architecture of the Bank’s ICT system, the functionality of the software solutions which the Bank uses in its operations, and connecting to the business process models.

As part of the project, a PF (Process Function) analysis was performed to show the distribution of costs to certain activities and to therefore define the possibility of improving the analyzed processes. In addition to the PF analysis, a PR (Personell Requirement) analysis was preformed which was used to show the level of human resources utilization of the observed organization segment, as well as to define the possibility of improving the analyzed processes.

The business processes were documented in order to establish a business processes repository, establish a system for business process management, and enable their continuous improvement. The project has demonstrated the strength of the ARIS methodology, the advantages of using the ARIS platform, as well as the know-how and the expertise of the M&I team in establishing the central repository for the process architecture and business processes optimization.