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MaxBet is a company that is constantly growing, developing strategies, connecting interests, and seeking new challenges. Its high ranking on the market has been achieved by getting closer to players, opening new venues at carefully chosen locations, thus creating a powerful network in the area of games of chance. The company’s mission is to set new standards in the business area of games of chance. Following the most recent news from the world of sports and sports betting provides the fastest flow and availability of information to all users, thus creating the best conditions for playing games and having fun.

As a fast growing company, Maxbet has very early on recognized the importance of business process management as the basis for successfully operating a business. The crucial point of improvement derived through business process analysis turned out to be the implementation of a software solution which would digitize various business processes, systematically cover numerous activities from different business areas of the company, and finally provide a unique and consolidated overview of the business operations for the managers at all levels, along with quick and easy access to key information. Therefore, one of the primary goals of the project was to develop and implement a business intelligence system which would integrate numerous internal and external data sources and centralize them within a unique analytical data storage, enabling an information overview through different forms of visualization, as well as developing simple data handling actions in order to automatize the processes.

The results of our long-term cooperation and numerous projects in the business intelligence domain include:
A unique analytical base – a unique picture and overview of the business in the country, abroad, and online
An analytical platform as the basis of a data-driven company
Business performance analysis of the global portfolio, as well as individual lines of business – betting offices, slot, hospitality, exchange offices
Reporting process automation
A fast and visual access to information in a dynamic environment adjusted to different business roles
Self-service analytics for finding creative solutions to business challenges by users of different levels

BI solution implementation at MaxBet provided a consolidated business overview, monitoring of process activities, as well as quick and easy access to key information necessary for reliable decision making and timely actions. Faster and more precise reporting, analysis, and planning accelerate and improve the decision-making process, increase operational efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction, and finally generate a competitive advantage. The business intelligence system with a centralized database has been created to easily integrate new data sources and transform them into relevant information displayed in a way and format corresponding to the role. It is a system which enables the employees to play with data and each day prove the company’s moto “Life is a game!”.