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Sport Vision Bijeljina ( Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Sport Vision Group is the leader of sports retail in the Balkans. It was founded in 1996 in Bijeljina, with the main activities of commerce, retail and wholesale in the sports industry. Sport Vision employs more than 4250 people and operates in 10 countries in the region - Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece while the company headquarters is in Belgrade, Serbia. As a leading retail chain in the region, they have distribution contracts for Nike, New Balance, North Face, and Helly Hansen for Balkans territories. The company also has the status of International Key Account and partner of Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Converse, Colmar, Timberland, and others, offering products in stores. The company has its own License department with licensed and distribution rights for Champion, Umbro, Lotto, Ellesse, and others.

Sport Vision is a modern company characterized by flexibility, professionalism, and dynamic development strategy. From the day it was established, it has positioned itself with recognizable brands. The company’s mission is to stay in the lead in retail, always inspiring and actively connected with its consumers, clients, and partners through a unique shopping experience and product design, which improves the lifestyle of its new owners. Corporate social responsibility and cooperation are the hallmarks of the company's culture. They actively invest in sports development and they are a proud partner of many professional athletes, clubs, camps, gyms, and young athletes with the potential to develop. The company operates in an ethical and sustainable way and they deal with environmental and social impacts. Sport Vision understands its great responsibility towards the community, and they try to work hard to make a positive impact.

SAP rollout project in Sport Vision, Bosnia and Herzegovina was one in a series of rollout projects within the Sport Vision Group, with an implementation that took place from October 2018 to November 2019. The project differed significantly from classic rollouts in all its characteristics, primarily in its scope, very complex architecture in terms of integration of various business solutions, as well as the scope of legislation that should be supported by business and system solutions. Project management, as well as the commitment of all team members of the project, were definitely crucial for project quality and success factors.

"SAP implementation was a big challenge for the entire company. During the implementation, in addition to the processes, we also had to adjust organizationally. The systematic and dedicated approach of the team enabled successful implementation while handling all challenges and maturing the business in the process. The process of preparation of more than a year contributed to one perfectly performed day. Today, we use SAP to its full potential.”

Žikica Trifković, Project Manager at Sport Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina

Throughout the project cycle, project quality was the main focus. The project represents a major business transformation for the company, and in that process, change management and risk management are some of the key indicators of success. The project included standardization of business processes on a Group level, as well as the consolidation of financial statements. Expertise and experience alone are not always enough for such challenges. A very important role is played by the constant support of the project sponsors, as well as all members of the supervisory board, which was available at any time.

"Project in Sport Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina, my second project in the career as a Project Manager, and a huge challenge. Throughout the project, we experienced ups and downs. However, the most important thing was that, during the whole project, the three of us, Project Managers, were always on the same page and that we pursued the same goal. That meant the most to us and we encourage the team with the same energy when needed, and in the end, the results were great! We had sleepless nights, disagreements in opinions, but thanks to the incredible energy encircling this project, the dedication of each member of the project team, we managed to implement such a great solution for the company and achieve great results. The organization of the GoLive night was above expectations, everything worked according to plan, like clockwork, something that does not happen often on projects. As valid proof that we managed to do something great served the words of the Retail Director on the morning of 01/11, who said: "Great job everybody! The stores are working without any problem, nobody realized the change happened overnight." I would like to congratulate all participants in the project and say a big thank you for an amazing experience that we can all be proud of and from which we all learned a lot!“

Nenad Milenkov, Project Manager at Sport Vision Group

The fact that all members of the project team perceive this project as a significant success, both for the Sport Vision in Bosnia and for the entire Sport Vision Group. Upon completion, this project is seen as a reference, or "benchmark" project within the company. This perception and attitude are based on the fact that GoLive was fully in line with expectations, on time, and within the project budget, so the company and all relevant processes continued its operation at full capacity immediately after GoLive, with minimal required post-production support. For every SAP consultant, SAP ABAP developer, and project manager, this project was a great professional achievement and motivation for further development.

"We have been working with the company Sport Vision for a long time. The rollout project in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the first project within the Group that was, in terms of scope, almost equal to the original implementation. Legislation for which there was no localized solution posed an additional challenge. Change management was one of the critical success factors on this project since this implementation involved abiding by the rules of the Sport Vision Group as well as synchronizing the work process. The commitment of all team members was crucial. We understood and accepted the risks, and we devoted ourselves to detailed preparation and testing. The result was amazing: on the day 11/01/2019, all business processes continued operating smoothly in the new ERP system according to the plan. I can proudly say that I was part of this project team."

Mirjana Tomić Krpović, Project Manager at M&I Systems, Co.

M&I Systems, Co. is a long-term Sport Vision Group partner in the field of information technology and business transformation. What we are most proud of is the fact, that in recent years we have made professional progress with Sport Vision and projects for this company, and that today, we are a team with invaluable knowledge and experience in business process modeling and business solution architecture for Retail & Fashion industry. Sport Vision is a company that has recognized all the advantages and benefits of SAP ERP solutions for business, and after SAP implementation for companies in Serbia, a business decision was made to continue with rollout projects for other markets in which Sport Vision Group operates successfully.