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Fintech is not just a buzzword, it’s one of the fastest-growing tech sectors and industries, utilized to help companies, business owners and consumers better manage financial operations, processes and forcing traditional companies around the world to evolve. The fintech digital revolution includes a large range of financial products and services. Fintech companies integrate technologies (like AI, blockchain, and data science) into traditional financial sectors to make them safer, faster, and more efficient.

Our FinTech know-how and experience are covered through the cooperation with Sterling Trading Tech (STT), a leader in professional trading technology solutions for equity, equity options, futures, and digital asset trading. STT provides solutions tailored to their client's needs, including links to over 80 execution venues in the US and currently processes 5% of the daily US equity volume. Cooperation that began back in 2012 was based on maintaining STT’s websites and web applications. In the following years, we upgraded our cooperation by expanding areas of STT’s business covered by our team of 18 people.

Today, our team works on various tasks, including:

Websites and web applications
Trading platforms – various trading applications (desktop, web and mobile) that serve multiple types of traders. Providing software solutions for trading equities, options and futures to individual and institutional traders worldwide.
Risk platforms - utilizing sophisticated quantitative and big data techniques to manage risk in real-time.
Order Management System – software solution that processes all orders between trading platforms and stock markets.
Software solutions for generating clients’ reports – Automated generation and upload of clients’ reports containing a large number of sensitive clients’ data.
Start of day and technical support – Full morning support making sure that all systems (applications, services, servers) are properly running taking advantage of the time difference.
Quality assurance
System monitoring
System administration
Accounting and financial reporting

Trading Applications our team is wokring on:

Sterling Trader® Pro
Sterling Trader® Elite
Sterling Trader® Web and Sterling Trader® Mobile
The Sterling LST platform
Sterling VolTrader
Sterling Trading Simulator
Sterling White Label
Sterling’s FIX API
Sterling Trader® Manager
Sterling Risk Engine