Leave Management – Easily manage your team’s time off

January 28, 2020

As a result of the market demands and digitization that, unlike any previous change, affeceted the existing and deeply rooted busines model, , M&I Systems, Co. has developed Leave Management application. This application is part of the Mobile Time Management solution and enables the full automation of the process of submitting, approving, and tracking a request for a leave of absence from work. The application is also integrated with the Beyond platform, namely with the People BackOffice, which causes a continuation of the process in human resources after the approval of the leave request.

Leave Management is intended for all employees included in the process of submission, approval, and tracking of the leave request. Employees can submit a request via the application, while directors/managers can approve and track them at any moment.

The basic benefit of the Leave Management application is reflected in the change of focus from employees in human resources to employees whom the respective activity refers to. Requests are submitted by employees, approved by directors/managers and decisions are issued by employees from the human resources department. Consequently, the number of required steps for the implementation of the process of submission, approval, and tracking of leave requests, the amount of paperwork and the time needed for the completion of the whole process are reduced. Employees can access their submitted requests at any moment, as well as see the status of these requests and the number of the remaining vacation days.

Considering the fact that users in most cases, if there’s an option for it, prefer using using applications rather than using web portals, as they are more convenient to use, Leave Management mobile application will make this process even more accessible. Being able to se the availability and employees’ plans for time off, in a clear way at any moment, will make this process much more efficient.