Beyond Smart Reports – Visualization of business data is the key to success

December 22, 2020

As a result of market demands and the fact that the digital era is turning the world into data, forcing companies to become, in a business-intelligent context, more data-driven, M&I Systems, Co. has developed the Beyond Smart Reports app. This application is part of the Beyond Business Suite and enables the transformation of business data into powerful visualization, multidimensional data review through graphical and tabular displays.

Beyond Smart Reports is an application used for visualizing the business data in real-time and is for all companies who want to understand and gain detailed and qualitative insight into their products, finances, customers, as well as to track sales through these business dimensions. Using different analytical models and visualization forms, information, and knowledge are exchanged through all necessary levels within the organization. This enables companies to make reliable and fast business decisions, as well as take timely actions based on qualitative data analysis.

The key benefits of Beyond Smart Reports are reflected in presenting business data through various forms of visualization and customized reports. This enables business transparency and making better and more intelligent decisions based on qualitative rather than quantitative aspects of the business data. Through personalized report overview and permissions for users that match their rights and titles, as well as a focus on a specific data set, through aggregation, filtering, sorting, and grouping options, businesses achieve higher operational efficiency and better business performance.

Businesses today largely depend on their ability to understand and use data in an insightful manner. Beyond Smart Reports application plays a big role in fulfilling this goal because through its advanced functionalities, it enables the business culture transformation from reactive to proactive, which in today's digital economy is a prerequisite for a successful business and competitive market advantage.