Moj-eRačun Service available to M&I Systems, Co. clients

April 22, 2021

The strategy of M&I Systems, Co. has always been focused on the development of innovative solutions that will enable all our clients to digitize processes and transform their business models. Therefore, our company has decided to offer its customers a new service, electronic data exchange, which is enabled through our cooperation with the Moj E-račun company.

Moj-eRačun is a service for electronic data exchange and management of issuing, receiving, and archiving eInvoices and eDocuments. This way, M&I Systems, Co. enables its clients to make the transition to the electronic exchange of documents, which will contribute to reducing costs, increasing the speed of execution of certain processes, reducing errors, and improving the relationship between business partners. Also, they will be able to, by completely replacing paper invoices, achieve higher efficiency in using both business processes and employees.

By using this service, our clients will be able to easily send and receive invoices; to achieve faster payments, since the eInvoice is delivered to the recipient in a few seconds; and to achieve greater legal certainty, because you can have insights into the exact date and time when the eInvoice is received.

Markets’ needs are constantly changing, and our team - with thirty-year experience in business software and partnerships we have made during that time - leads and supports companies in developing new business models, overcoming challenges, optimizing and implementing more efficient business processes, successful business transformation and the opportunity to take advantage of all the opportunities that digitalization carries. As a result, over 400 companies and other organizations have recognized and selected M&I Systems, Co. Group as a reliable partner that can support their growth and development through long-term cooperation.