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Business Intelligence Solution enables continuous and proactive monitoring of all business activities and processes within the organization through all business domains; analysis and reporting, and measuring performance using key indicators; and the dynamic, quick and easy detection of their variance from planned values. Using different forms of visualization and presentation, also available on a mobile platform, the product actively supports operative, tactical, and strategic decision-making. This gives employees the opportunity to focus on making timely decisions that will significantly affect the process of business improvement.

What are the benefits?

A personalized, unique and consolidated view of business
Integration and a single display of data from different systems (ERP, CRM, Excel, WEB, etc.)
Minimized costs, complexity, and risk
Access to accurate and real-time data
Saving time and money
A fast, efficient and agile reaction to market challenges
Improved service quality
Increased competitive advantage

What are the functionalities?

Predefined metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
For a comprehensive analysis of key business functions.
Predefined set of reports and dashboards
Graphical interfaces with the most important reports, visualizations and analyzes, adapted to the user and his role.
Specific analyzes per user request
Predictive, cross-sell, what-if analysis, analysis and presentation of geographic information, data mining, etc.
Self-service BI
Intuitive and interactive interface for ad hoc data access, visualization, analysis and sharing of the results by the end users.
Automated distribution
Distribution of reports, dashboards and documents to a large number of users in an automated and personalized way. It enables on-time information delivery in order to make timely decisions.
Variance and alarms
Signalization for end users in the case of variances from defined KPIs.
Mobile platform
Reports and dashboards are also available on a mobile platform; fully interactive, with the aim of analyzing and making decisions on the fly.
The possibility of return action on data (editing, deletion, entering). Frequently used when entering plans, filling out purchase orders, mapping accounts, codebooks, etc.
Thanks to our experience in the domain of business intelligence, as well as the expertise of our employees in different technologies and business processes, we offer different services in the process of establishing and maintaining a business intelligent environment.