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Beyond Smart Reports is an application used for visualizing the business data in real-time and is for all companies who want to understand and gain detailed and qualitative insight into their products, finances, customers, as well as to track sales through these business dimensions. Data analysis is enabled through the use of various data visualization options, in a tool used for creating customized reports independently. Using different analytical models and visualization forms, information, and knowledge are exchanged through all necessary levels within the organization. This enables employees on all levels to make reliable and fast business decisions and to take timely actions.

What are the benefits?

Adjusting reports to fit the business needs
Transforming business data into powerful visualization, creating calculated values, graphical and tabular overview of the data
Easily share reports with other teams / management / teammates (PDF, Image, Excel, CSV, HTML, Print)
Quickly and transparently obtaining necessary information in real-time
User permission to specific report section to gain insight, which corresponds to his/her role-based rights
Personalized report review
The faster and easier decision-making process
Better and smarter business decisions
Changing the corporate culture from reactive to proactive
Greater competitive advantage by proactively monitoring market demand
Improved operational efficiency
Better business performance

What are the opportunities for users?

Sharing and customizing reports in real-time
Easy report setup
Ability to format reports and add filters
Integrated system for user authorization and authentication
Ad-hoc and personalized reports
Graphic reports
Easy reports transfer from graphical to the tabular presentation of reports and vice versa
Share report content via PDF, Excel, CSV, Image, and HTML
Ability to creating and saving a custom report

What are the functionalities?

Aggregate, filter, sort, and group data to focus on specific subsets
Drill up, down, and drill through to see your data from different points of view
Use conditional and number formatting to bring the most important numbers and data trends into the spotlight
Choose between pivot, table view, or charts to visualize your business data
Create your own calculated field
Save your customization and results
Export to PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, or PNG in one click. Print the report directly from the component and share it with your team